Our Services

Year by year we make ranks with our offered services between cleaning company at Antalya with leading and open to innovative perspective in our offered services.

Contract Employee Services

Our contract cleaning employee services’ duratin of contract is 6 months or yearly. But our company offer different solutions for different demands.

Post-construction cleaning

We may post-construction cleaning collective or one personal. Post-construciton cleaning of house, office, hospital, shop, otel etc. will make with Professional team and equipments.

Office Cleaning

You can take care of your business while you handed over your routine cleaning works of your business center or office to professional hands. Our team will analyze the working are and they will support you with proper solutions to your budget and professional employees.

Hospital Cleaning

Hospital cleaning and clinic cleaning has a different importance from other cleaning areas. You must use different service organizations, proper chemicals and work with an expert team. We provide with our hospital and clinic cleaning service a proper hygiene condition for hospital employee, patients and cleaning employees and comfortably spacious and disinfected environment for your employees and patients.

Industrial Cleaning

Industrial cleaning is a necessary and regularly work for your factory, workplace, storehouse to be more productive. In beginning industrial cleaning can seem like extra cost but according to the researchs it provide %5-20 more productivity. Regular cleaning service it may provide profit rather than cost. We provide expert team and necessary equipments for where there is more need disinfected areas like food and health sector.

Fitness Centers

In fitness centers cleaning ise appears as an indispensable job because of it’s circulation and usage of sport equipments. LOTUS provide cleaning service with permanent employee and periodical cleaning options.

Facade Cleaning

We may determine the need for cleaning job of building like plaza, office building, skyscraper’s and you can use our help for these buildings’ facade cleaning. We are very proud of to be your greatest assitant on cleaning of siding, metal, wall and incrustated glasses.

Otel Support Services

LOTUS provides wide housekeeping services. LOTUS provide best services in parallel with your business’ requirements with expert teams.

Steam Cleaning Services

Steam engine cleaning most prefered cleaning method in last years. We use steam engines especially on hard to clean areas. For cleaning and disinfectation of dye and lime stains at construction and modification sites must use high temperature cleaning with steam engine, high vacuum technology with an expert team and professioanl equipments…

Floor Maintenance

Our floor polishing services include crystalized polishing and parquet polishing services too. If you will inform us about square metre and type of floor we will provide polishing services at any period that you desire.

Protective Cleaning Services

Your house or your workplaces’ floor will be sterile with our oksygen and alcohol-based antibacterial cleaning service.

Other Services

We make villa, house and yatch cleaning tasks with special equipments, first class chemicals and tools. All of our employees has hygiene education and work security certications.

In shortly who we are

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We start cleaning first with ourselves and then our environment just like lotus flower. Our goal is clean everywhere with lotus’ cleaning.