About Us

What do you know about Lotus Cleaning?

Lotus Cleaning is a company which is consistently growing and aiming the best for our dear customers with works had done in cleaning services at Istanbul, Antalya, Izmir and Ankara.

About Us

LOTUS, start out to with principle that provide high standart solutions to customers by using new technologic machines and communication devices. Time that left behind, LOTUS meet expectations in certain standarts, successfully and consistently making progress and growing at Antalya in the direction that it discovering the meaning of services and where can borders to move.
When you closely acquainted with LOTUS, you can find out LOTUS is different then other cleaning companies at other cities and local area. Well, what makes different LOTUS then others? First of all we do work with love. Maybe this is the only reason why we that successful. We know that when you love your job you work hard for getting better and be more successful. Every employee that been a part of our company is working and make effort to improve his/her in professional field.
We are always researching to make our offered services better. We seek technologic advancements in our field, follow up and make adaptations on these new technologies to benefit of customers. Our face turned to foreign countries all the time.
Our experts in the field are get in contact with globally known companies and getting information all the time how cleaning services provided and how to do better our job. We follow up onlline what they are doing and take as examples their projects. We create solutions not excuses.
We know how hard is our job. We face very different difficulties at firms that we work together always. But we prefer to dwell on how to overcome these difficulties. We are not giving utopic promises like there will be no problem. We are promising that if there is go to be a problem we will solve it. This is why we create solutions not excuses.
We work with discipline and programmatic. We believe that regardless your firm’s sector and how organized working conditions, if you want to be succesful you have to work with discipline. We schedule a program for every project that we work on and we care to run to the schedule including our operational team and all of our employees.
Ofcourse these are not only attributes what makes different LOTUS from the others. You will understand when you closely acquainted with us. We are waiting for you to our office to meet you.

In shortly who we are

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We start cleaning first with ourselves and then our environment just like lotus flower. Our goal is clean everywhere with lotus’ cleaning.